Executive Board & Teams

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Executive Board


They're organizing all this, so you can have an interesting week full of inspiring debates, fruitful negotiations and joyful socializing. Absolutely lovely people! Their names? From left to right: Simeon Schäffer, Lukas Schüttlöffel, Charlotte Burkhard and Emeri Trejo Dominguez. Should any questions come up about our work or the conference, feel free to approach them.

Guest Speaker Team












elbMUN not only consists of exciting arguments and discussions, but also of interesting speeches held by guest speakers.

That is what we, Kim, Darius and Arne, would like to contribute to this year’s elbMUN. We would like to make rather theoretical debates of the Model United Nations more captivating, inspiring and intriguing. Our goal is that you as participants will get a real insight into international politics, current developments of international relations or other relevant topics. Guest speakers also can deliver their own personal anecdotes and show the facets of real-life diplomacy.

We are looking forward to inviting fascinating speakers to give you a first-hand impression of international affairs and the way the international community deals with them.

See you soon,

Arne Helzel, Kim Miehe and Darius Schulte-Eversum

More information on teams coming soon. Want to join us? Head here.