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Atmosphere in the beginning of the conference

It is a diverse group of young people that has come together in Dresden to experience this MUN together. During the first gathering one could easily see the different nationalities, backgrounds and experience levels being represented.

There are people who chose to have their first MUN experience with elbMUN and others, who have had so many already, they wanted to become a Chair, in order to experience the debates from a different perspective.

Therefore, the participants´ expectations differ. Some are nervous and

curious to find out, what a MUN has to offer. Others are interested in increasing their knowledge about diplomatic processes and improving their debating skills. While there are some who are looking forward to “nice discussions”, others hope to discover “polarized positions”. (direct quotes from participants)

Some delegates have taken their preparation for this MUN seriously. While some have read a lot about their debating topic, others have painted their nails according to the national colors of the country they represent. (or both)

After pointing out the differences, this article will now present the participants´ common grounds, since the motto of this conference is summarized under the keyword “harmony”.

While interviewing the participants there was one word one could hear in almost every conversation. And that was the word “excited”. Excited for this new or old but always unique experience. Excited for getting to know new people. Excited for the debates. In other words: Excited for this MUN!


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