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Good Vibes and lots of Glitter- An Opening Party showcasing the social Aspects of elbMUN

The first day of elbMUN 2024 ended with the opening party in the famous student club Bärenzwinger. The delegates were warmly welcomed by Paulina and Padma from the social events team, who awaited them with free shots and glitter. 

The social aspect of elbMUN shows how diplomacy extends beyond formal negotiations. The delegates came to the conferences with different perspectives and opinions, but on Thursday evening they reunited privately as young students. The motivated participants from Dresden as well as from different parts of the world came together and had the opportunity to relax before the conference weekend with all of its challenging tasks. Diving into different roles during the day, the participants got to lay down their duties by night and connect at the opening party. They mingled freely, sharing insights of their day and getting to know their colleagues on a personal level. The dance floor, pulsating with a diverse mix of Hip Hop and Afro Beats by DJ Alaa, was filled with delegates, who enthusiastically showcased their dance moves. Even though the party only ended around three o’clock in the morning, the guests all appeared on time, fit and prepared on Friday morning, to start the committee sessions. 

The variety of social events form a big part of the elbMUN experience. Being open-minded, respectful and sociable are crucial characteristics that are automatically enhanced during the weekend. Apart from the various coffee and lunch breaks spent together, there are more social events coming up, such as the pub night on Saturday. The delegates and the organization team members are all invited to join from 7.30 pm in the cozy bar “The Lappen”. It is located in the unique Dresden Neustadt, the leisure quarter that is definitely worth a visit during your stay in the Saxon state’s capital. 

Laura Slapa


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