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Concept & Values

The team of elbe Model United Nations is dedicated to strengthening multilateralism and international cooperation in today's globalized world full of chances and challenges. We therefore consider it our duty to provide students from all over the world with a forum that fosters intercultural understanding and contributes to their understanding of the UN system.


These critical skills are deepened at elbMUN since students represent countries different from their own in the committee debates. Thus, they are faced with the challenge of changing perspectives and critically questioning their own convictions on global issues. These enriching experiences are complemented by exchanges on a more personal level since we unite students from all over the world. Our hosting program as well as our thrilling social events take the intercultural exchange from an abstract to a more personal level and complement our vision of multilateralism by intercultural exchanges.


Moreover, elbe Model United Nations offers students the opportunity to learn about the United Nations System as students are debating in a precisely defined framework similar to that of the real United Nations. Not only do we consider it way more fun to be the United Nation, we also believe that students gain a more thorough understanding of the challenges of international cooperation by simulating the committees by themselves. By slipping into the roles of diplomats and writing resolutions, students widen their understanding of challenges which states face beyond what we know from everyday news coverage.

Another focus lies on our conscious striving for sustainable solutions. These include prioritizing organic, regional, and fairly grown food and offering vegetarian and vegan options. Moreover, the use of public transport and recycled paper help us create a more ecologically friendly conference.

elbMUN also actively promotes diversity among its delegates and topics. This diverse approach is also reflected in the awareness of contrary opinions and cultural values that our delegates are representing.


All our convictions and goals are thus guided by the core values of multilateralism and learning by experiencing, proving that we are committed to integrity in our entire organisation.

Altogether, elbMUN’s mission is to make a valuable contribution by helping the future generation acquire skills of settling disputes between international parties in a peaceful and responsible manner.

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