Conference 2022

The elbMUN Conference 2022 convened under the slogan "The World Puzzle[d] – Who Will Pick up the Pieces?", from 20th to 24th of April 2022. We welcomed international and German Delegates to the in-person event which took place in person in Dresden, Germany, at minimum in conformity with the applicable Covid-19-measures.

Conference schedule:

(subject to change)










Location if not indicated otherwise: Haus der Kathedrale, Schloßstraße 24, 01067 Dresden

* Saxon State Parliament, Bernhard-von-Lindenau-Platz 1, 01067 Dresden

** TU Dresden Auditorium Center, Bergstraße 64, 01069 Dresden

° BARNEBY Spielebar, Görlitzer Str. 11, 01099 Dresden

°° Bärenzwinger, Brühlscher Garten 1, 01067 Dresden

°°° Kino im Kasten, August-Bebel-Straße 20, 01219 Dresden

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