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What is elbMUN?

"elbMUN" (Elbe Model United Nations e.V.) is the name of a student initiative that since 2010 has made it its aim to arouse interest in the United Nations and to inspire students to take a more in-depth look at the UN.


To achieve this goal, the initiative organises a so-called "MUN" (Model United Nations) every year. This is a widespread approach to simulating a UN conference for students, bringing together young participants from around the world. Consequently, such conferences are conducted in English. Together, the students discuss current geopolitical, economic, and social issues that affect our globalized world.  


Participants take on the role of “UN delegates”, each representing a specific country in a UN committee. These committees deal with diverse issues and differ from conference to conference. Within the committees, the “delegates” discuss their topic and have to represent the position and interests of “their” country instead of their personal opinion. After the discussion, the participants have to merge the positions of the different countries by arriving at a final resolution, which they formulate on a so-called "working paper".


elbMUN is one of over 100 MUNs that are held every year in different countries. It takes place in the Saxon Parliament and usually welcomes around 80 to 100 young people from Germany, Europe, and all over the world to come to Dresden. The last years, the elbMUN conference was held under different mottos: "Planting Peace On Common Ground" in 2019, "Turning Twenties: Challenging Distances - Reconsidering Cooperation" in 2021, "The World Puzzle[d] - Who will pick up the pieces?" in 2022.  


The motto of this year's conference will be "Towards The Tipping Point - Diplomacy for a Sustainable Future". The participants can choose between three interesting and very relevant committees: the UN Commissioner for Refugees, the UN Economic and Social Council as well as the UN Environment Assembly.

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