What is MUN?

The term MUN stands for Model United Nations.

MUN is a conference made by and for students from all over the world in order to simulate the work of the United Nations. Every year, more than 100 of these simulations take place in various countries around the globe.

Participants take on the role of young diplomats in order to experience the work of the United Nations at first hand. Their task is to represent one particular country, chosen beforehand, as realistically as possible in one of the different UN-committees. In the course of the conference, participants usually have to deal with two different issues in every committee.

The whole conference is conducted in English. As far as negotiating and debating is concerned, the “diplomats” are required to keep in mind and faithfully represent the interests and positions of “their” country. Generally speaking, all participants have to be acquainted with “their” nation’s interests and points of view. When debating in the committees, every delegation gets the chance to present its position, make suggestions or offer criticism on former contributions within 1-3 minutes. Conduct is strictly regulated according to the rules of the original United Nations conferences.

After extensive communication between the participants, they have to formulate what has been discussed and write it on the so-called “working papers”. Their goal is to present a final resolution on its respective topic, so at the end of the conference, all the positions of all nations involved are brought together.

During a MUN, each participant has the opportunity to deal with current problems and issues of world politics and also they get to practice their negotiating and debating skills, developing the competence to solve conflicts diplomatically.