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secretariat elbMUN.jpg


Moritz Drescher, Mette Steffen, Selma Cafferty,

Paulo Glowacki, Charlotte Burkhard

Ensuring the smooth flow of the elbMUN conference is the main task of our Secretariat. This work compromises representational affairs as well as providing relevant material and assistance for you in your positions as Chairs and Delegates, such as the Handbook with the Rules of Procedure.


Headed by our marvellous Secretaries General, Charlotte Burkhard and Paulo Glowacki, our team further consists of Mette, Moritz and Selma.


Frankly, we handle organisational matters so that you as participants are able to fully focus on the content of the debates. We are looking forward to you engaging in fruitful debates and making the most out of elbMUN 2022!

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