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A day in the life of an elbMUN delegate

Joel must be a spontaneous person: The Finn has only heard of elbMUN a couple days before the conference started and applied directly. To him, his life as en elbMUN delegate is quite different to his everyday life as a student in Leipzig: "Here I play a role, I am not fully myself", he says.

Follow him along on his way representing Morocco in United Nations Committee on peaceful use of outer space (COPUOS).

By Merret Fides Gregor and Anna Abraham


"My mornings are quite busy. Putting on my badge and my suit brings me into the mood. After arriving at the House of Cathedral, I set my things up at the table and read the news.

Committee sessions

"The chairs are guiding and leading the discussion. They explain the procedure and hand out opportunities for the delegates to speak. Recently, we have been starting on our working paper which will eventually turn into our draft resolution. Sunday, it will be brought to the General Assembly.

Personally, I might do some research. There are different alliances, so I try to listen what the opposing alliance plans. Within my alliance, I try to find out whether we are all on the same page.

I represent Morocco. We are a developing country that is not strict in line with any of the super powers regarding the issue of use of outer space. Therefore, I am free to join alliances."

Coffee break

"Relax! It is important to use the coffee breaks to have relaxed discussions, maybe not even about politics. I also try to get enough sleep, because honestly, just coffee is not enough."

Social Events

"My favorite so far has been the bar night the first day. There were still so many people I didn't know. The bar night has provided a very good opportunity to let people talk together in a relaxing environment. "

After elbMUN

While Sunday elbMUN comes to an end, Joel Kaasalainen's MUN career does not. He has already signed up for GöMUN.


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