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Press release by the delegations of the United States and Botswana in UNEA

Delegation of the United States : The United States considers Botswana an advocate of and a model for stability in Africa. Keeping with that the USA has decided to strengthen its partnership with Botswana by teaming up to combat water scarcity. The US is a strong admirer of the rural and community level solutions which the people of Botswana have implemented in their region despite a lack of significant resources. This is something we would want to replicate in the arid regions in our own country. Moreover, to facilitate the strengthening the efforts, the United States has agreed to provide funding, and a dedicated team of experts who will work with the people and the government.

The delegation of Botswana: We are delighted to have come to a groundbreaking agreement with the delegation of the USA. Acknowledging the urgent need for help of sub saharan countries, America answers this call with a powerful response. The agreement empowers not only Botswana as a whole, but especially rural communities to combat groundwater management and water scarcity.


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