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The probability of improbability

elbMUN has once again proven how small our world is. With participants coming from all over Europe, one might not expect to meet an old friend, an old friend one had never seen in real life before, to be precise.

So it seems that destiny's hand was at work when it arranged the conversation between a Chair, Julian, and the delegate of Israel, whose name is also Julian. During the sparkling wine reception, the two had cleverly positioned themselves near the champagne supply and were having a good time. In the course of the small talk, the Israeli representative could not help but realise that his counterpart did somehow seem very familiar to him, but he did not know exactly why the bells were ringing. At some point, the feeling became so strong that Julian had to ask Julian.

The unusual thing about this, however, was that the two recognized each other not by their faces, but by their voices: Being both passionate gamers, they had played "Rome xy" together on Discord many years ago. When they heard each other's familiar voice, the surprise was huge. The fact that the two lucky guys even share the same name makes the serendipity perfect.

Jan Ecker


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